What is vTiger?

Launched in 2004, the vTiger CRM web app has become one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems available. It is obtainable for free, plus, it’s offered in over 15 languages and features iOS and Android applications, so that you can maintain almost everything straight from your smart phone or tablet computer.

The vTiger CRM platform is made to assist you to regulate everything with regards to your business from a single place. It could be the central hub for the merchandise and stock, it can help you with your promoting campaigns, it helps you make contact with customers, it will create reports, etc. Above all – it can automatise those things for you, so you will not need to do them yourself all the time, saving you much needed time.

vTiger is a registered trademark of Vtiger Systems India Private Limited and is not affiliated with Stangel Hosting.

vTiger–Optimized Website Hosting Services

If you have a single system to maintain your business, you will have to have a secure place to host it. At Stangel Hosting you have access to protected, dedicated vTiger website hosting services. We have engineered our own website hosting system on top of safe Linux Servers. ModSecurity – a web application firewall is turned on automatically for all the website hosting accounts.

Aside from the safeguarded environment, we also provide you with lots of options for your website and app to develop freely. Our vTiger website hosting solutions are loaded with unlimited disk space, unrestricted data traffic and limitless MySQL storage. You will find a 24x7 support service with a 20 minute ordinary response time. If you are not satisfied with our services, you can have a reimbursement within thirty days after your investment.